Axios: Medicaid is the ACA’s workhorse


Medicaid expansion is working. We’ve seen that here in Ohio: Before the Affordable Care Act, one in three people in or near poverty were uninsured. After the law passed, that’s dropped to one in eight. Recent reports show that states that expanded Medicaid cover more people, with more stability. But as this administration continues to […]

Reports out this week demonstrate the powerful impact Medicaid expansion has had for Ohio families: Millions have benefited from the expansion, while the adult uninsured rate has fallen by nearly half since 2012. Sherrod knows we need to defend the undeniable progress we’ve made in helping the people who need coverage get the care they […]

Gayle Channing Tenenbaum has spent decades working tirelessly on behalf of Ohio’s most vulnerable citizens. Over the last 46 years, she and Sherrod have worked together to advocate for local, state and federal legislation to improve the lives of many children, youth, and families throughout Ohio and the country. Currently a consultant on Medicaid coverage […]

Sherrod is a champion for quality, affordable healthcare for all Ohioans—not just those at the top. From fighting for the Affordable Care Act to protecting Medicaid expansion to defending the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Sherrod is a reliable, powerful voice in ensuring as many people as possible have the care they deserve. Meanwhile, his […]

Hundreds of thousands of Ohioans rely on the CHIP program, which provides low-cost health coverage to children who need it. Crystal’s family is one of them. Last year, when Congress refused to reauthorize the program that’s made a huge difference for her family, she went to Washington, D.C., where she worked with Sherrod to help […]

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