CNBC: Retirement incomes will become more unequal, study finds


Ohio seniors have put in decades of hard work—and should be able to retire without worrying about the cost. But for too many retirees, that’s not the reality. Sherrod fights every day to ensure seniors have the healthcare, benefits, and resources they need to get by. Numbers like these are another reminder of why that […]

Over the weekend, actor, director, and activist Sean Astin sent a message to Sherrod’s supporters about why he’ll be supporting Sherrod in November—and why you should, too. Read it below, and then show your support for Sherrod by pitching in whatever you can. — I love the meaning behind Sherrod Brown’s canary pin. A steelworker […]

If Congress doesn’t act soon, more than one million workers and retirees could suffer the consequences of our country’s worsening pension crisis. It’s fundamentally unfair. Sherrod has consistently spoken out on this issue, because it’s not right that Ohioans who’ve worked hard their entire adult lives could see massive cuts to their pension benefits. Americans […]

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