No Family Should Have Trouble Paying Bills


A little over 9 months ago, the GOP handed a massive tax cut to the wealthiest 1%. And while Wall Street, CEOs, and banks are reaping the profits of that tax cut, nearly a third of U.S. households have struggled to pay their energy bills. Every day in the Senate, Sherrod fights for a more […]

This administration has spent much of their tenure actively making life more difficult for working families: limiting workers’ rights, sabotaging the Affordable Care Act, proposing raising rent for struggling Americans, giving a massive tax cut to the wealthy at the expense of everyone else … the list goes on and on. And now, they’re claiming […]

A report out this week shows that four in ten Americans couldn’t afford to pay an unexpected $400 expense. It’s emblematic of a larger issue: Too many people, in Ohio and beyond, are going into debt paying for healthcare, or are seeing their pensions slashed because of Wall Street’s greed. Just this week, Congress passed […]

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