Senator Brown Renews Call for National Medicaid Lock-in Program

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WSAZ – Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown renewed his call for the creation of a national Medicaid Lock-in program to crack down on the fraudulent use of Medicaid cards to obtain and fill prescriptions for addictive pain medications.

Sen. Brown made the announcement during a visit to the Second Chance Counseling Center Thursday afternoon.

Wall Street Journal — Roger Bate understates the problem of drugs being sold in America made predominantly with ingredients sourced in foreign countries (“Beware the Risks of Generic Drugs,” op-ed, July 6). Of all prescription drugs sold in America, not just generic ones, 80% of the active ingredients are manufactured outside the country, increasingly in countries like China which don’t employ the same safety standards as the U.S.

Columbus Dispatch — National drug czar Gil Kerlikowske brought welcome news for Virginia O’Keefe and the women and children at Amethyst today.

One of the three groups at the heart of President Barack Obama’s 2011 national drug strategy is women with dependent children. The others are veterans and college-age young people.