CBS News: Few companies using tax cuts for pay hikes


Before passing their tax scam, GOP leaders promised that workers would reap the benefits. But new data shows that most CEOs aren’t raising their employees’ salaries. Instead, shareholders are the ones seeing profits. We should all be frustrated that the tax scam has only made inequality worse. If you agree, show your support for Sherrod, […]

Back in November, when congressional Republicans started pushing their disastrous tax plan, Sherrod fought back. Take a look at the viral moment: Last night wasn't "spewing stuff." It's fighting like hell for Americans who are getting ripped off by this tax bill. -SB — Sherrod Brown (@SherrodBrown) November 17, 2017 Moments like these make […]

The consequences of the GOP’s tax scam are becoming clearer by the day. While workers’ wages have largely stagnated, corporate executives and shareholders continue to gain billions in profits. It’s fundamentally unfair that those at the top are raking in billions while families are struggling to put food on the table. That’s why we need […]

Some—like members of this administration—may claim that the American economy is stronger than ever, but too many of our friends, family members, and neighbors aren’t seeing those benefits. Instead, as the wealthy continue to rake in profits from the tax scam the GOP passed late last year, Americans in “production and non-supervisory” positions are actually […]

We need policies that serve the American workers and their families. I’m not talking about the tax “reform” plan forced into law earlier this year. I’m talking about real solutions that will keep jobs and companies in the United States. I’m talking about a plan that goes beyond giving a huge tax cut to billionaires […]

It’s been six months since the GOP passed their tax scam, and in that time, the bill has only gotten less popular—as it becomes clearer every day that it was just a giveaway to the wealthiest 1%, corporations, and Wall Street. As of this week, a new poll shows that just 34% of Americans approve […]

Six months ago, Republicans rushed through their tax scam, which the Trump administration repeatedly said would help hardworking Americans get ahead—creating more jobs and providing higher wages. But in the last six months, reports have contradicted those claims. As it turns out, the tax bill hasn’t led to any change in average hourly earnings, and […]

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