TIME: President Trump Talks ‘America First,’ But Sherrod Brown Wears It


Sherrod is proud of Ohio workers each time he dons one of his Hart Schaffner Marx suits made in Brooklyn, Ohio just miles from his home. Today, TIME profiled Sherrod’s long-standing support for Buy America policies that support U.S. jobs, saying Sherrod’s “commitment to American manufacturing begins with the clothes he wears every day.” — […]

This weekend, Donnie Blatt of United Steelworkers District 1 wrote an op-ed emphasizing Sherrod’s record of standing up for Ohio workers and fighting bad trade deals. It’s a stark contrast with his opponent, Congressman Jim Renacci, who’s spent his career looking out for himself, not hardworking Ohioans. Read the op-ed below, and then show your […]

The Cincinnati Enquirer spoke with voters in Scioto County about the economy, trade, and the upcoming U.S. Senate election. “In 2016 Ohio’s rural areas, like Scioto County, helped deliver Ohio – and the presidency – to Trump,” wrote the Enquirer. “But this year Republicans can’t count on these same counties to deliver them Ohio’s U.S. […]

Washington Post — As Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping visits Washington Tuesday, members of Congress and others are ramping up their calls for China to address a range of issues including the valuation of its currency, its human rights record and Iran’s nuclear program.

The China currency issue is one that remains a hot topic on Capitol Hill, particularly as the United States continues its sluggish economic recovery. The Senate passed with overwhelming bipartisan support late last year a measure that would have given the Treasury Department greater latitude in pressuring China to allow the value of its currency, the yuan, to rise.

New York Times — On Tuesday, a coalition of big American labor unions, Democratic politicians and trade advocacy groups plans to start campaigning for the Obama administration to file a series of trade cases against China in the auto industry. They accuse Beijing of unfairly subsidizing Chinese auto parts makers and illegally restricting the exports of crucial raw materials that foreign parts makers need to stay competitive.

The group says a 900 percent increase in auto parts imports from China over the last decade, to nearly $12 billion a year, is to blame for job losses in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania — three swing states that the administration cannot easily ignore in a presidential election year.

Businessweek –  The Senate voted Tuesday to threaten China with higher tariffs on Chinese products made cheap through an artificially undervalued currency, which lawmakers blame for destroying American jobs. The House, though, is unlikely to take up the bill, which some American businesses warn could trigger a trade war.

New Philadelphia Times Reporter – More than 10,000 Ohio seniors in Tuscarawas, Holmes, Carroll, Coshocton, Harrison and Columbiana counties participated in a tele-town hall with U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, Tuesday morning.

The call was the first in a series of tele-townhalls Brown will hold with constituents on a regional basis.

Huffington Post — The number of American workers and friends of labor who, for all the right factual reasons, continue to stand against the three pending Free Trade Agreements (or FTAs) with South Korea, Panama and Colombia are legion. Many just aren’t as public as the likes of Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH); Tom Buffenbarger, President of the Machinists and Aerospace Workers Union; Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), and Leo Gerard, President of the Steelworkers Union, who’ve been leading the fights against these FTAs.

I also wrote a lengthy post for this space back on November 23 entitled “The South Korea FTA — It May Be Free, But It Sure Isn’t Fair,” which I think was similarly sound and grounded.

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