TV ad: “Protecting Ohio Jobs”


Sherrod’s spent his entire career standing up against policies that benefit China at the expense of American workers, and that’s why he led passage in the Senate of a bill that stands up for Ohio manufacturing by cracking down on China’s illegal currency manipulation. Sherrod believes that if competing on a level playing field, no one does it better than the American worker — that’s why he will continue standing up to China, and fighting for every job in Ohio every way he knows how.

Sherrod appeared on MSNBC not that long ago, talking about the effect of Citizens United, the importance of our grassroots movement, and why the special interests are so determined to defeat him in Ohio.

Remember: this clip is from last month, so the spending numbers are a little dated — the special interest spending against Sherrod has now topped $11.5 million.

With Ohio’s auto industry on the brink, Sherrod stood up for Ohio jobs and fought to rescue the American auto industry when some were ready to let those jobs vanish. Sherrod’s confidence in Ohio workers has never faltered and it never will — that’s why he refused to give up on Ohio’s auto industry, and that’s why the nearly 850,000 industry related workers in Lordstown, Toledo, Cleveland, and across the state still have jobs today.