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Friends of Sherrod Brown Breaks Another Off-Year Record, Bringing In $5.8 Million

COLUMBUS, OH – Today, Friends of Sherrod Brown announced it will report raising $5.8 million in the third quarter of 2023 – more than any U.S. Senate candidate in Ohio has raised in the off-year. The campaign will report $11.2 million on hand toward re-electing Sherrod.

“While the multi-millionaires running to take on Sherrod had to cut themselves fat checks in an attempt to buy Ohio’s Senate seat, Sherrod is building a winning coalition based on his record of fighting for Ohio workers and the Dignity of Work,” said Rachel Petri, Friends of Sherrod Brown Campaign Manager. 

The campaign has received donations from all 88 Ohio counties and during the third quarter, nearly 97 percent of individual contributions were $100 or less – a sharp contrast from Sherrod’s potential opponents who each loaned their campaigns $3 million.