About Sherrod

About Sherrod

Sherrod has dedicated his life in public service to fighting for Ohioans and for the Dignity of Work – the belief that hard work should pay off for everyone, no matter who you are, where you live, or what kind of work you do.

Sherrod is working to raise wages and benefits, lower healthcare and other costs, and ensure everyone can retire with dignity and security. Throughout his career, he has battled against broken tax and trade policies that put corporate profits ahead of workers and families, and sent Ohio jobs and supply chains overseas. He has taken on Wall Street greed, and fought against the business model that rewards CEOs and shareholders at the expense of long-term investments in workers and innovation.

Sherrod has always taken on powerful special interests and corruption in Washington. One news organization said his plan to lower prescription drug prices combines, “just about every policy idea drug lobbyists hate.” And he refused to accept Congressional healthcare until Congress passed the Affordable Care Act. Now he gets his health insurance through the same exchange system available to all Americans under that law.

Sherrod doesn’t own individual stocks because he believes Members of Congress should serve the American people, not their stock portfolios. And he has introduced legislation to ban government officials from profiting off of their positions.

Inspired by his faith, Sherrod has been a consistent champion of social and economic justice. The concept of the Dignity of Work is inspired by the work and writings of Pope Leo XIII and Dr. King, who said that “all labour has dignity.” Sherrod has supported marriage equality for 25 years, and he voted against the Iraq War and against NAFTA. He joined community partners to launch My Brother’s Keeper chapters and mentorship programs for young boys and young men of color in cities and towns across Ohio. And as Chair of the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee, he is fighting discrimination in housing and lending, and is working to make it easier for everyone to afford a home.

As a former Ohio Secretary of State, Sherrod has long championed voting rights. The Washington Post called his voter registration efforts, “probably the most intensive and wide-ranging in the nation.”

Dark-money special interest groups have spent record amounts of money trying to defeat Sherrod, but he beat back their attacks, and most recently, won re-election decisively in 2018.

Sherrod is a lifelong Cleveland baseball fan who was born and raised in Mansfield, Ohio. Today he lives in Cleveland with his wife Connie Schultz, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and author. Sherrod and Connie drive Jeeps made by union workers in Toledo, and are blessed with a growing family, including three daughters, a son, eight grandchildren, and their beloved rescue dogs, Franklin and Walter.

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