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Friends of Sherrod Brown Campaign Releases New Video On #OHSEN Field Supporting A National Abortion Ban

COLUMBUS, OH – After Ohioans voted resoundingly to protect abortion access and overturn the state’s current restrictive ban, the Friends of Sherrod Brown campaign today released a new video on the entire field for Ohio’s Senate seat supporting a national ban. Bernie Moreno, Frank LaRose, and Matt Dolan would all vote for a national abortion ban if elected to the Senate – overruling the majority of Ohioans who made it clear yesterday that they believe women’s health care decisions should be between them and their doctors. 
“Ohio’s next Senator could be the deciding vote on a national abortion ban, and Bernie Moreno, Frank LaRose, and Matt Dolan have made it clear they would ignore Ohio women and overrule the majority of Ohioans by voting for a total ban,” said Rachel Petri, Friends of Sherrod Brown Campaign Manager. “Sherrod has always fought to protect women’s reproductive rights and Ohioans will know how out-of-step his opponents are with the widely held belief that these are personal decisions that should be between women and their doctors.” 
Watch the new video here: 


Bernie Moreno: It’s about having that girl able to be raped, having her rapist force her to have an abortion. Absolute pro-life. No exceptions. 

Frank LaRose: If a pro-life measure comes before the Senate, then I would vote as a pro-life American. 

Chuck Todd: What does that mean?

Frank LaRose: I voted for the heartbeat bill in Ohio, for example, which I think is a good standard. 

Matt Dolan: You put the courts in a position that gets the ultimate result, and that is to end abortions in Ohio. 

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