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What They’re Saying About Sherrod, His Anti-Abortion Opponents Following Tuesday’s Resounding Vote To Protect Reproductive Rights

COLUMBUS, OH – While Sherrod stands with the majority of Ohioans who believe women’s health care decisions should be between them and their doctors, all of his opponents have said they would overrule Ohioans by voting for a national abortion ban.

Here’s what they’re saying about Tuesday’s election and Sherrod’s race next year: 

Watch Sherrod on All In with Chris Hayes here: 

Sherrod Brown: “Fundamentally, voters in Ohio say: I want women and their doctors making these decisions, I don’t want a bunch of statehouse politicians [making these decisions]… There are candidates from top to bottom – especially three Senate candidates that are running in the primary to oppose me – all three of them want a nationwide abortion ban. So this isn’t going away.” 

Here’s what Ohioans are reading about Sherrod’s proven track record fighting for women’s reproductive rights while his opponents work to overrule Ohioans: 

  • The Vindicator“Being anti-abortion is proving to be a losing issue for Republicans throughout the country. Democrats already are going after LaRose, Moreno and Dolan over it… Rachel Petri, Brown’s campaign manager, said the Republican candidates ‘would ignore Ohio women’ if elected to the Senate, criticizing them for their positions. She added: ‘Sherrod has always fought to protect women’s reproductive rights, and Ohioans know how out of step his opponents are’ on this issue.‘”
  • ABC“‘Last night was a pretty clear case that most Ohioans by almost 15 points said they believe that women and their doctors should make their health care choices not a bunch of Columbus politicians, it’s about as simple as that,’ Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown said.”
  • CNN“The campaign of Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown – another vulnerable senator next year – released a video highlighting his GOP opponents’ anti-abortion rights positions.”
  • NBC“My three opponents, there are three Republicans running for the Senate seat … all of them have said they want a national abortion ban,” Brown said on MSNBC. “We’ve got to make sure that doesn’t happen…”
  • AxiosTuesday’s results — which drew support from most liberals and nearly 1-in-5 Republicans, per exit polls — are encouraging for Brown… Brown’s campaign has already released a new video criticizing Ohio’s Republican Senate candidates for supporting abortion restrictions.”
  • NBC“Brown highlighted the difference between his and his opponent’s stances on abortion when asked about his takeaways from Ohio’s Tuesday election. The election ‘tells me that Ohioans understand that women and doctors should make that decision, not politicians in Columbus,” Brown said. “All three of my opponents are for a national abortion ban, and they are out of step with the reality in my state.’ Senate GOP candidates Bernie Moreno, Frank LaRose and Matt Dolan all opposed the abortion amendment.”
  • The 19th“Invigorated Ohio Democrats are looking ahead to 2024 and have their sights on reelecting Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown in what will be a competitive and highly watched race. They’re already hammering the three Republicans vying for the GOP nomination over their opposition to Issue 1 and framing the race as critical to stopping a national abortion ban.”