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Sherrod Rallies Supporters After Filing For Reelection

COLUMBUS, OH – Today, Senator Sherrod Brown rallied supporters after filing paperwork and signatures to be on the ballot in 2024. Sherrod has always fought for Ohioans and the Dignity of Work and is running for reelection to make sure hard work pays off for every family.

“Ohioans know I’m on their side – from fighting for the Dignity of Work to making sure hard work pays off for everyone,” said Senator Sherrod Brown. “From standing up to Wall Street and special interests following the profit-at-all-costs business model to making sure Ohio women are in charge of their own healthcare decisions. That’s what I’ve always stood for and why I’m running for reelection – because when you love this country, you fight for the people who make it work.”

Photos available for media use can be found here and below.