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Friends of Sherrod Brown Raises $6.6 Million, Breaking Another Ohio Record

COLUMBUS, OH – Today, Friends of Sherrod Brown announced it will report raising $6.6 million in the fourth quarter of 2023 – breaking previous Ohio fundraising records without self-funding for the same quarter. The campaign will report that it has $14.6 million on hand toward re-electing Sherrod.

“Sherrod Brown is fighting for Ohio while his opponents fight for the title of largest self-funder – that’s why Sherrod continues to have the momentum in this race,” said Rachel Petri, Friends of Sherrod Brown Campaign Manager. “Sherrod and Connie are grateful to the thousands of donors who support this campaign and the Dignity of Work as they continue building this grassroots team.”

The campaign has received donations from all 88 Ohio counties. During the fourth quarter, nearly 96 percent of individual contributions were $100 or less – a sharp contrast from Sherrod’s potential opponents who have already collectively loaned themselves more than $10 million.