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WATCH: Sherrod Brown Discusses His Work Fighting for Ohioans & Opponents’ Efforts To Overrule Voters

COLUMBUS, OH – Yesterday, Sherrod joined The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss his work fighting for Ohioans and the Dignity of Work. Sherrod also discussed his opponents’ efforts to overrule Ohioans by passing a national abortion ban and their opposition to the bipartisan border security bill – which included Sherrod’s bipartisan legislation to curb the flow of fentanyl across the Southern border by targeting the chemical suppliers in China and the drug cartels in Mexico.

Sherrod: “I watched three rich guys, three millionaires, who have spent already combined more than $25 million dollars to, shall we say, [buy] this Senate seat. No mention of the cost of prescription drugs, no mention of manufacturing jobs, no mention of the Dignity of Work, no mention of pensions or veterans, no mention really of how to secure the border… It was a sort of vapid debate.”Sherrod: “The one substantive thing that they did say is that they all stand with a national abortion ban even though Ohio voters… by 13 points said they want reproductive rights for Ohioans.” 

Sherrod: “The debate didn’t surprise me, but didn’t really deal with issues that affect Ohioans everyday.” 

Sherrod: “None of these candidates really understand that politics is about going around the state, listening to voters – whether it’s the roundtables I’ve done…on the PACT Act. I’ve been to East Palestine eight times and listened to what [residents] want government to do to help keep the railroads responsive and accountable for what they do.” 

Sherrod: “They essentially all came out against the minimum wage – they’re not listening to workers, they’re not listening to communities.”