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WATCH: Sherrod Brown Discusses His Work Fighting for Ohioans While His Opponents Try To Overrule Voters

COLUMBUS, OH – Yesterday, Sherrod joined The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss his work fighting for Ohioans and the Dignity of Work. Sherrod also discussed his opponents’ focus on fighting each other – instead of fighting for Ohioans – and their efforts to overrule Ohioans by passing a national abortion ban.

Sherrod: “They didn’t even acknowledge what happened last November… People in Ohio voted to protect constitutional rights of women, protect the constitutional right to abortion. And still, these men, these rich guys running against each other all think they know better. They’ve called for a national abortion ban… in direct opposition to what the voters of Ohio said.” 

Sherrod: “They’re all talking and fighting with each other, but they’re not addressing, they’re just not focusing on real issues that affect real people in Ohio.” 

Sherrod: “I [am standing up] against the drug companies, standing up against what Norfolk Southern did in East Palestine, standing up on all these issues. Keeping Wall Street accountable… [Voters] think about: I want somebody representing me who fights for workers, fights for the Dignity of Work, is always there holding special interests accountable.” 

Sherrod: “[Voters have] seen that corporations get away with paying far too little in taxes compared to what they pay. They see corporations, they see banks bailed out, but they’re not bailed out if something happens to their pension – unless people, like me, in the Senate really stand up for them.