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ICYMI: Ohio Building Trades Endorses Sherrod Brown

COLUMBUS, OH  – Yesterday, the Ohio Building Trades, which represents nearly 100,000 workers across Ohio, endorsed Senator Sherrod Brown’s reelection. The Building Trades sent a clear message that regardless of who comes out of the primary election today, Ohio workers stand with Sherrod.

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WLWT: Ohio Building Trades endorses Sherrod Brown in state’s US Senate race

WLWT“Today, Senator Sherrod Brown was in Dayton to receive an endorsement from the Ohio Building Trades. While there, he told reporters he’s not worried about who he faces in November.”

Sherrod“I’ll let the rich guys fight it out… They all are for a national abortion ban, they’ve never supported organized labor, they’ve never supported workers, they’re all three against the minimum wage so we’ll be ready for whoever it is.” 

WKEF: Ohio Building Trades Endorses Sherrod Brown for Reelection

Sherrod: “[Workers are] going to have better wages, better benefits, better opportunity to set their schedules so it’s not only up to the employer when you’re working and when you’re being productive.”

The Chronicle Telegram: Ohio Building Trades endorse Sherrod Brown for U.S. Senate
  • The Ohio Building Trades endorsed incumbent U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown’s reelection campaign, it announced Monday.
  • The organization, which represents nearly 100,000 workers across Ohio, endorsed Brown, D-Cleveland, ahead of Ohio’s primary election “to send a clear message that regardless of his opponent, Ohio workers stand with Sherrod,” the organization said in a news release.
  • “I am grateful to have the Building Trades by my side in our fight to make sure hard work pays off for everyone,” Brown said. “Ohioans know that I will always fight for them and stand up to anyone who gets in the way, from Wall Street and special interests to presidents of both parties on bad trade deals. That’s what I’ve always stood for and why I’m running for reelection — because when you love this country, you fight for the people who make it work.”