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Keith Burris: Sherrod “Has Consistently Been Devoted To People Who Don’t Have Much Money Or Power.”

Toledo Blade Editorial Highlights Sherrod Brown’s Focus on the Dignity of Work

COLUMBUS, OH  – A new Toledo Blade editorial highlighted Sherrod’s focus on workers and the Dignity of Work over the weekend. Read more:

Toledo Blade: EDITORIAL: Character is all
Keith Burris – March 31, 2024

  • All this makes me think of Ohio’s U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, said to be in the fight of his life to hang on to his seat.
  • And he has always been himself; his own unpackaged, un-“handled” self — rumbled, gravelly voiced — unique.
  • And that included, most importantly, his values.
  • He has consistently been devoted to people who don’t have much money or power. He has walked with them, listened to them in union and VFW halls, and tried to figure out practical ways to empower them.
  • And Mr. Brown’s legislative goals have been modest but real: Help for injured veterans; caps on interest for student loans; lowering the cost of insulin.
  • Perhaps more than any member of Congress, Mr. Brown understood the toll of usury on the working class, the poor, and the young.
  • But I know that when his party embraced the global economy, Sherrod Brown said “no,” and stood for local economies and American workers and cars and suits made here.
  • Two more things about Sherrod Brown: First, he knows how to talk to people, with respect. He greets every person the same way — directly, sincerely, and kindly. Second, he reads books and thinks about them. That’s a feat for any American, but especially a politician.
  • All this equals character.
  • We need to get back to the man, the woman — the person. Character is all.