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Communications Workers of America Union Endorses Senator Sherrod Brown for Reelection

COLUMBUS, OH  – Today, the Communications Workers of America endorsed Senator Sherrod Brown for reelection. The Communications Workers of America, which represents tens of thousands active and retired members in Ohio and is one of the most diverse unions in the country, endorsed Senator Brown because they know he will always fight for Ohio workers and the Dignity of Work.

“I am honored to have the Communications Workers of America by my side in our fight to make sure hard work pays off for everyone,” said Senator Sherrod Brown. “From flight attendants and electrical workers to social workers and health care providers, CWA members provide crucial services for Ohioans. I will always fight for them – because if you love this country, you fight for the people who make it work.” 

“I have known Sherrod Brown for many years, and he has never changed. He walks his talk,” said Communications Workers of America, District 4 Vice-President Linda L Hinton. “The working women and men of Ohio, and our veterans, have always had Sherrod as their champion. It is important that we keep him as our Ohio Senator to continue the fight for our rights and dignity.”

Sherrod has always fought for CWA workers and the Dignity of Work to make sure hard work pays off for everyone:

  • Sherrod introduced the U.S. Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act to protect call center jobs from being shipped overseas.
  • Sherrod introduced the Protecting the Right to Organize Act to protect workers’ rights to bargain for fairer wages, better benefits, and safer working conditions.
  • Sherrod introduced the Restoring Overtime Pay Act to enshrine overtime pay protections into law and expand who qualifies for overtime pay so millions more Americans are paid for the hours they work.
  • Sherrod championed the Affordable Connectivity Program to make high speed internet more accessible for Ohioans and support workers in rural areas.