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Sherrod Brown Receives United Mine Workers of America Endorsement, Recognizes Workers Memorial Day Alongside Ohio Chemical Workers

COLUMBUS, OH  – Today, the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) endorsed Senator Sherrod Brown’s reelection at their COMPAC meeting in St. Clairsville. Sherrod also recognized Workers Memorial Day alongside Ohio Chemical Workers from the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) and recommitted to ensuring all workers have the safe working conditions and benefits they deserve.

“It’s an honor to commemorate Workers Memorial Day weekend alongside our state’s workers who put themselves at risk to provide for Ohioans,” said Senator Sherrod Brown. “From restoring over 20,000 UFCW pensions to saving UMWA workers’ healthcare, Ohio mine workers and chemical workers know I will always fight for them – because if you love this country, you fight for the people who make it work. I’m grateful to have both UMWA and UFCW by my side in our fight to make sure all workers are safe on the job and that hard work pays off for everyone.”

“When UMWA was trying to save our healthcare and pensions, we knew there was one person we didn’t have to lobby: Sherrod Brown,” said UMWA President Cecil E. Roberts. “We know we can always rely on Sherrod to do the right thing and make sure we can retire with the dignity and benefits we’ve earned because we believe in our pensions and we believe in Sherrod Brown. UMWA is proud to show up for Sherrod in his reelection like he has always shown up for us.” 

“Workers Memorial Day is a reminder that we need to continue fighting for safer workplaces, better wages, and more control over our schedules,” said International Chemical Workers Union President Lance E. Heasley. “Senator Brown encompasses what Workers Memorial Day means and the commitment to fighting for all workers. We are grateful to have Sherrod looking out for us and will always have his back.”  

Photos of today’s event for media use are available below:

Sherrod speaks with Chemical Workers while honoring Workers Memorial Day.

Sherrod talks to Mine Workers after receiving their endorsement.

Sherrod honors Workers Memorial Day with Ohio Chemical Workers.

United Mine Workers of America endorse Sherrod’s reelection.

Sherrod speaks with United Mine Workers of America at their COMPAC meeting in St. Clairsville.