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Friends of Sherrod Brown Launches New Digital Video Featuring Workers Across Ohio Supporting Sherrod

COLUMBUS, OH  – Today, on International Workers’ Day, the Friends of Sherrod Brown Campaign launched a new digital video featuring workers sharing their stories and reasons for supporting Sherrod’s re-election. Ohio workers are lining up behind Sherrod because they know he will always fight for them and the Dignity of Work.

“While Sherrod’s opponent makes it clear he only looks out for himself, Ohio workers know Sherrod will always have their back,” said Rachel Petri, Friends of Sherrod Brown Campaign Manager. “Sherrod is grateful to have the people who make our country work by his side in the fight to make sure hard work pays off for everyone.”


“Everybody deserves a fair workplace and for their work to have dignity and that’s why I support Sherrod Brown for reelection.”

“I support Sherrod Brown because he supports the unions.”

“Sherrod Brown has been one of our biggest advocates.”

“You can tell that he genuinely cares about the working class Ohioans and working class citizens.” 

“He’s for the working person and he backs us and he fights for us and that’s the kind of people that we need.”