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Friends of Sherrod Brown Campaign Announces Education Endorsements, Launches “Educators for Sherrod” Coalition

COLUMBUS, OH  – Today, during Teacher Appreciation Week, Friends of Sherrod Brown announced new educator endorsements and launched “Educators for Sherrod,” a coalition of Ohioans dedicated to creating the best outcomes for Ohio students.

To mark the group’s launch, the Ohio Federation of Teachers (OFT), the Ohio Education Association (OEA), and the Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE) endorsed Senator Sherrod Brown for reelection.

“I’m honored to have Ohio educators by my side in our fight to make sure our public schools have the resources they need to provide a quality education to every Ohio student,” said Senator Sherrod Brown. “Ohio educators know I will always stand by their side, from fighting for fair wages and safer schools to cutting taxes to help teachers cover classroom expenses when they dip into their own pockets. I will always fight for Ohio educators.”

“Educators for Sherrod” co-chairs OFT President Melissa Cropper, OEA President Scott DiMauro, and OAPSE Executive Director Joseph Rugola – along with educators across Ohio – cited Sherrod’s work securing the necessary resources to shape the next generation of students, his work to secure Social Security benefits and tax deductions for educators, and his commitment to building a path to the middle class for all Ohioans in their endorsements.


“Sherrod Brown is a tireless fighter,” said 8th grade Social Studies teacher and OFT member Wendy Ward Woodard. “He shows up for the educators. He shows up for the youth. He shows up for the middle class. That’s why educators and our families are going to show up for Sherrod at the ballot box this year.” 

“As an educator in Columbus City Schools, Senator Brown’s continued support to hold for-profit schools accountable has been instrumental for the students and staff in our district,” said Intervention Specialist and OEA member Traci Arway. “He is a champion for all students to have high quality public education regardless of their zip code. Ohio and our nation need Senator Brown’s continued support for high quality public education.”

“Sherrod fights for us and has always stood strong in our struggles to get the pay, benefits and respect we deserve,” said Fairland Local Schools worker and OAPSE member Barb Ward. “We can always rely on Sherrod to do the right thing for working families, and that’s why I strongly support Senator Brown.”


“Sherrod Brown delivers for Ohio students, parents, and educators,” said OFT President Melissa Cropper. “He helped bring billions of dollars to Ohio to fund our schools, improve our infrastructure, and strengthen our public services, and he is a leader on education issues, introducing bills to promote community learning centers and quadruple the amount educators can deduct from their taxes for out-of-pocket classroom expenses. We never have to lobby or persuade Sherrod to stand with workers, educators, and students. He is guided by his strong sense of Ohio values and his belief in the Dignity of Work.”

“Sherrod Brown is a champion for public education, and we are lucky to have him fighting to make sure every educator in Ohio has the resources they need to provide a quality education to Ohio students,” said OEA President Scott DiMauro. “Sherrod will always fight for Ohio educators – from teachers to custodians to bus drivers – because he knows all work has dignity. Sherrod has shown his unwavering commitment to Ohio students and educators, and OEA is proud to give him our full support.” 

“No elected official in our living memory is more attuned to the challenges school employees and other public service workers face on the job than Sherrod Brown,” said OAPSE Executive Director Joe Rugola. “Whether it is the struggle for fair wages for the important contributions our members make to Ohio’s school children, the constant battle for pension and health care security, or the threat of violence on the job, Sherrod is always on the front line for us. Every school bus driver, custodian, food service worker or other dedicated public servant in our union is better off because of his strong voice in the U.S. Senate.”

Sherrod has always fought for Ohio educators and the Dignity of Work to make sure hard work pays off for everyone:

  • Sherrod introduced the ​​Educators Expense Deduction Modernization Act to quadruple the tax deductions teachers can use for school expenses to put more money back in their pockets.
  • Sherrod introduced the Social Security Fairness Act to secure full Social Security benefits for teachers, first responders, and other public sector workers.
  • Sherrod is fighting to expand high-speed internet access for students and families across Ohio.
  • Sherrod led the fight to make home ownership more affordable and accessible for educators.
  • Sherrod championed the Full-Service Community School Expansion Act to implement health services, mentorship programs, and technical assistance courses in public schools.
  • Sherrod sponsored the SMART Act to reduce excessive student testing and eliminate outdated assessments.
  • Sherrod championed the Child Tax Credit expansion to provide working families with financial relief to accommodate the rising prices of healthcare, childcare, and housing.
  • Sherrod introduced the Protecting the Right to Organize Act to protect workers’ rights to bargain for fairer wages, better benefits, and safer working conditions.
  • Sherrod introduced the Restoring Overtime Pay Act to enshrine overtime pay protections into law and expand who qualifies for overtime pay so millions more Americans are paid for the hours they work.