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Brown Campaign Launches New Website TruthAboutMoreno.Com to Provide Ohioans With The Facts About Bernie Moreno

Columbus, OH – Today, the Friends of Sherrod Brown Campaign is launching TruthAboutMoreno.Com, to provide Ohioans with the facts about Bernie Moreno. 

As Moreno’s “string of inconsistencies” pile up, from his phony rags-to-riches “only-in-America bootstraps story” to claiming he “escape[d]” socialism to shutting down Cleveland State’s Confucius Institute, it’s clear that Moreno doesn’t want Ohioans to know the truth: he’s only looking out for himself. 

Visit TruthAboutMoreno.Com To Learn More

LIE: “We came here with absolutely nothing”

LIE: “Two bedroom apartment” in Florida

  • Moreno often talks about the cramped apartment his family occupied in Florida. But records show that in reality, Moreno’s family moved into their luxury “three-bedroom condominium in a new, 15-story high-rise on the ocean” with a private beach – and just months later, purchased another new, luxury home with a private pool.

LIE: Escaping socialism

LIE: Shut down Cleveland State’s Confucius Institute

  • Moreno lies and claims he shut down Cleveland State’s Confucius Institute while serving on the university’s board – but in fact, the Confucius Institute operated for years after Moreno’s tenure on the board, and he approved multiple budgets that funded it.

LIE: Started his business “all on his own” without “handouts”

  • Moreno is lying about how he started his business, claiming he built his car dealership business “all on his own” and without “handouts” – but in reality, Moreno received an insider deal to purchase his first dealership at a “dramatically reduced price.”

Learn more at TruthAboutMoreno.Com.