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Friends of Sherrod Brown Campaign Launches “Veterans & Servicemembers for Sherrod” Coalition

COLUMBUS, OH – Today, following Armed Forces Day on Saturday, Friends of Sherrod Brown launched “Veterans & Servicemembers for Sherrod,” a coalition of Ohio veterans, servicemembers, and military families backing Sherrod’s re-election. 

“Too often, Ohio servicemembers and veterans don’t get the recognition they deserve,” said Senator Sherrod Brown. “Our servicemembers, veterans, and their families have sacrificed so much to keep us safe. While we can never repay the debt we owe them for their bravery, I will always fight to make sure they have the healthcare, benefits, and resources they earned without red tape getting in the way. I’m honored to have Ohio veterans and servicemembers by my side as we continue our work to honor their service.”  

“Veterans & Servicemembers for Sherrod” co-chairs, retired Coast Guardsman Bob Shields, retired Airman Melissa Rodriguez, and Danielle Robinson, cited Sherrod’s fight to secure healthcare benefits for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits during their service, his work to help veterans keep their homes, and his efforts to honor those who served and their families in their endorsements. 


“I’ve seen first hand Sherrod’s commitment to veterans and his work to honor the service of Ohio’s veterans and their families,” said Coast Guard Veteran and Ohio Veterans Advocate Bob Shields. “From his work to keep veterans in their homes to passing a bill to connect veterans exposed to toxic burn pits with the healthcare and benefits they’ve earned, Sherrod always stands on the side of Ohio veterans.” 

“Having served at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, I know Sherrod has always fought to make sure Ohio’s veterans, servicemembers and military installations have the resources they need,” said U.S. Air Force Veteran Melissa Rodriguez. “Sherrod doesn’t just say the right things, he actually listens to veterans and takes their ideas to Washington to deliver on them. That’s why I’m proud to serve as co-chair of Veterans and Servicemembers for Sherrod and do everything I can to re-elect Sherrod this November.” 

“After my husband Heath was diagnosed with cancer after being exposed to toxic burn pits in Iraq, we reached out to Sherrod Brown. Sherrod jumped into action, working with Democrats and Republicans to pass a bill that will help veterans get the healthcare they deserve,” said Danielle Robinson. “I am not only grateful to Sherrod for honoring Heath’s service, but also for ensuring other military families won’t have to go through the same battle with the VA as we did. That’s why I’m honored to serve as a co-chair of Veterans and Servicemembers for Sherrod.” 

Sherrod named the recently-passed bipartisan legislation, the Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act, after Danielle’s husband Heath, who passed away after being exposed to burn pits during his service. 

Sherrod has always fought for Ohio veterans, servicemembers, and military families to make sure they get the benefits and honor they deserve: 

  • Sherrod wrote and passed the bipartisan PACT Act to secure healthcare and benefits for veterans exposed to toxins and burn pits during their service. Sherrod has hosted roundtables across the state to ensure veterans are aware of the benefits available to them through the PACT Act. 
  • Sherrod passed the bipartisan Keeping Military Families Together Act through the Senate which extends the authority for servicemembers’ spouses and children to be buried in national cemeteries. 
  • Sherrod passed the bipartisan Mark Our Place Act through the Senate to memorialize all Medal of Honor recipients and preserve their legacies. 
  • Sherrod introduced the Veterans Housing Stability Act to prevent servicemembers and veterans who used home loans during the COVID-19 pandemic from losing their homes. Sherrod also successfully pushed the VA to launch a program helping servicemembers and veterans keep their homes. 
  • Sherrod introduced the Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act to increase compensation for veterans with service-related disabilities and military survivors. 
  • Sherrod is pushing the VA to modernize veterans’ healthcare records and better protect the personal information contained in those records. 
  • Sherrod introduced the bipartisan Veterans Affairs Centennial and Heritage Act to place the National VA History Center on the Dayton VA Medical Center campus. 
  • Sherrod stood up to big banks and urged them to take the burden off of servicemembers by following through on their promise to cap interest rates for servicemembers. 
  • Sherrod introduced the bipartisan Critical Health Access Resource and Grant Extensions Act to extend VA programs that prevent veteran homelessness, support caregivers, and address staffing shortages at State Veterans Homes.