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Sherrod Fighting to Keep Call Center Jobs in Ohio

COLUMBUS, OH – This month, Sherrod introduced legislation to keep call center jobs in Ohio and penalize companies who ship these jobs overseas. Nearly 100,000 Ohioans work at call centers throughout the state. Sherrod’s bill would also protect Ohioans’ privacy by keeping their data in the United States. 

Last month, the Communications Workers of America endorsed Sherrod, citing his work to keep call center jobs in Ohio and fighting to make sure hard work pays off for all workers. 

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Bryan Times: Brown wants to keep call center jobs in country

Luchas Bechtol – May 22, 2024

  • “That’s the heart of it, for me, working to keep our jobs,” [Youngstown call center worker Dawn Spencer] said. That is where Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) comes in.
  • Recently, he introduced a bill that would penalize businesses that do move call center jobs overseas.
  • “Companies can’t function without these workers, and Ohioans should have the option to support American jobs and talk with workers based in the U.S.,” Brown said. “This bill holds corporations accountable for shipping these jobs overseas, and encourages companies to keep their customer service where it belongs: in America.”
  • In the past, too many politicians have caved to corporate interests and allowed companies to outsource jobs without consequence and now jobs are “always under threat,” he said.
  • However, his bill would help protect the 99,000 people working at call centers throughout Ohio.
  • “These are essentially customer service calls that people call into an 800 number … if they need customer service,” Brown said.

WBNS: Sherrod Introduces Legislation to Protect Ohio Call Center Jobs

WBNS: “Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown is working to gain support for his new bill, which he says would protect U.S. jobs. That bill known as the Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act would penalize companies that outsource those jobs overseas. Right now, call centers employ more than 3 million workers here in the U.S.” 

WKBN: Sherrod Fights to Protect Ohio Call Center Jobs

WKBN: “Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown wants to protect the jobs of call center workers in America. He’s supporting a bill which stops companies from shifting those operations to other countries… Senator Brown is against companies downsizing in the U.S.A [while] receiving government tax breaks.”