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WATCH: Sherrod Brown Discusses His Record Of Delivering For Ohioans While His Opponent Looks Out For Himself

COLUMBUS, OH – This week, Sherrod joined The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss his record of delivering for Ohioans. Sherrod’s work stands in stark contrast with Bernie Moreno, who refused to pay his workers the overtime they earned, supports a national abortion ban that would overturn the will of Ohio voters, and has made clear he only looks out for himself. 


Sherrod: “Most people don’t see politics left to right, liberal and conservative. They see it as whose side you [are] on.”

Sherrod: “We’ve passed the pension bill to save the pensions of 100,000 Ohio workers. We passed an infrastructure bill. We put a cap on prescription drug prices. You do that because you figure out how to work with the other side, and you get things done.”

Sherrod: “So my job [is] always, always thinking about the Dignity of Work. That’s why I wear this Canary pin to focus on what workers need… [if] people work hard, they should be able to get ahead.”  

Sherrod: I make that contrast clear every day. I fight for workers. [Moreno] cheats his workers out of pay. I fight for women’s health, believing women and their physicians and their families should make these decisions. Bernie Moreno wants the federal government to ban abortions, a nationwide abortion ban. So we will make that contrast consistently. And you know, my reputation of fighting for workers and fighting for the dignity of work, I’ll contrast any day with a guy who clearly is out for himself.”