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Sherrod Brown, Connie Schultz, and Ohioans Launch “Women for Sherrod” Coalition in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH – Today, Sherrod Brown and Connie Schultz joined Chair of the Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus Cindy Demsey, three-term Ohio legislator and former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Mary Boyle, and SEIU Local 1199 member Lynn Radcliffe to launch the campaign’s “Women for Sherrod” coalition in Cleveland.

“When we win with the help of this grassroots coalition of women, I look forward to continuing our fight for reproductive healthcare, for equal pay, for paid family leave, for hard work to pay off for all Ohio women. Because when you love this country, you fight for the people who make it work,” said Sherrod. 

The Women for Sherrod coalition will highlight Sherrod’s record standing with Ohio women, including supporting Issue 1 and standing with the majority of Ohioans who believe women’s healthcare decisions should be between them and their doctors. Sherrod is also leading the fight for equal pay and gender equality and hosts a women’s leadership summit every year to showcase the many ways women in Ohio are leading our state. 

“Sherrod has always been a steadfast champion for Ohio women, from standing with us to support Issue 1, to fighting for equal pay and paid family leave, to lowering the cost of healthcare and child care, Sherrod is fighting to make sure women in Ohio are competing on a level playing field and have every opportunity to get ahead,” said Chair of the Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus Cindy Demsey.

“Sherrod has always been a champion for Ohio women. Not only on the issues, but also in lifting up the voices and stories of Ohio women. Sherrod understands what a difference it makes not just to have women in the room where decisions are made, but actually having women leading the conversation and leading the charge,” said three-term Ohio legislator and former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Mary Boyle. 

“Ohio labor, including women in labor, have no better champion than Sherrod Brown,” said SEIU Local 1199 member Lynn Radcliffe. “Sherrod has always fought to uplift Ohio workers and make sure women have the same opportunities to access good-paying, union jobs with good benefits and worker protections.”

Sherrod has a strong record of fighting for Ohio women:

  • Sherrod supported the November Issue 1 campaign to establish abortion rights in the Ohio Constitution. 
  • Sherrod introduced the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2023 to enshrine abortion access and restore reproductive health care throughout the country. 
  • Sherrod introduced the Paycheck Fairness Act, to strengthen the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and would close loopholes that allow pay discrimination based on gender. 
  • Sherrod introduced the Freedom to Travel for Health Care Act of 2022 to prevent anti-choice states from disrupting travel for abortion care. 
  • Sherrod pushed the Biden Administration to take “bold action” and protect the right to abortion following the overturning of Roe v. Wade.
  • Sherrod introduced the FAMILY (Family and Medical Insurance Leave) Act, to provide workers up to 12 weeks of paid family leave.
  • Sherrod introduced the bipartisan Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, to protect pregnant workers and ensure employers accommodate their health on the job.
  • Sherrod introduced legislation to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. 
  • Since 2015, Sherrod has hosted Women’s Leadership Summits throughout Ohio, showcasing the important ways Ohio women are leading in our communities and in our state.