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Sherrod Protects Ohio Jobs, Pushes Administration to Crack Down on Foreign Imports

COLUMBUS, OH – Today, on Made in the USA Day, Ohioans are reading about Sherrod’s fight to prevent Ohio jobs from being shipped overseas.Just last week, Sherrod called on the Biden Administration again to stop a surge in unfair steel imports from Mexico that is hurting Ohio workers. 

While Sherrod fights to protect Ohio jobs, Bernie Moreno lied about selling Chinese-made cars that contributed to “Ohio jobs being shipped overseas.”

Here is what Ohioans are reading about Sherrod’s efforts to protect Ohio workers:

Sherrod will always fight to protect Ohio workers and the Dignity of Work: 

  • Sherrod introduced the Stop Mexico’s Steel Surge Act to ensure Ohio jobs remain in Ohio. Sherrod is also leading the effort to prevent Nippon Steel’s acquisition of U.S. Steel to protect Ohio workers. 
  • Sherrod led the CHIPS and Science Act to ensure the future of technology is built in Ohio, by Ohio workers. 
  • Sherrod passed the All-American Flag Act to ensure American flags are produced in America. 
  • Sherrod is pushing the Biden Administration to increase tariffs on solar panels to crack down on Chinese imports threatening Ohio jobs. 
  • Sherrod worked with former Senator Rob Portman to secure significant Buy America provisions in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Package. 

Here is what Ohioans are reading about Bernie Moreno selling out Ohio workers and only looking out for himself:

  • Spectrum News: Senate candidate Bernie Moreno sold SUVs made in China for years, but tells Ohio voters he refused to do so
  • Mahoning Matters: Mahoning, Trumbull union members discuss Bernie Moreno’s anti-worker allegations
  • Tribune Chronicle: Sherrod Brown supporters say Bernie Moreno cannot be trusted
  • Lima News: Lima autoworkers call out Moreno
  • WLIO: Lima UAW and AFL-CIO members hold a news conference speaking out against Bernie Moreno
  • Tribune Chronicle: Labor leaders blast Moreno
  • Toledo Blade: Local leaders show their support for Sen. Sherrod Brown’s re-election campaign