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On the Issues

Equal Rights and Opportunities

Sherrod believes hard work should pay off for every American. No one should be denied a fair shot because of their race, who they love, or their gender.

Through his work in the Senate, Sherrod has fought to empower Ohio’s African American communities through small business development and expanding opportunities for good-paying, union jobs. He helped establish My Brother’s Keeper in Ohio, a network of community-based chapters dedicated to improving outcomes for young men of color across the state.

Sherrod voted against the Defense of Marriage Act and has consistently stood against efforts to discriminate against or punish members of the LGBTQ community. He is working to pass legislation to expand federal civil rights protections and fight LGBTQ discrimination in housing and the workplace.

As Secretary of State, Sherrod expanded voter registration and made it easier to vote. In the Senate, Sherrod is fighting back against efforts to disenfranchise Ohioans. He wants to restore the Voting Rights Act and opposes the laws that make it harder for people of color, seniors, students, and working-class Ohioans to vote.