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On the Issues

Workers, Trade, & Jobs

Sherrod is fighting for an economy where hard work pays off for everyone – no matter who you are, where you live, or what you do.

Throughout his career, Sherrod’s stood up to bad trade deals that let corporations ship Ohio jobs overseas. He wrote an overhaul of our trade enforcement laws that allowed Ohio companies to fight back against unfair competition and he passed the strongest-ever Buy America rules to ensure American tax dollars support American workers. Sherrod also worked to pass the CHIPS Act, which will invest in good manufacturing jobs at home and bring semiconductor production back to where it belongs: Ohio.

Thanks to that bipartisan legislation, Intel is building a new semiconductor plant – built by union workers with a project labor agreement – in New Albany, Ohio, which is expected to create over 10,000 new, good-paying jobs, including union construction jobs that don’t require a college degree.

Sherrod knows a union card means higher wages, better benefits, greater retirement security, and more control over your schedule. That’s why he’s fought to make it easier for workers to organize a union and is leading the effort to protect workers’ right to collectively bargain. He’s also led the fight to expand overtime pay for workers and increase worker protections to make sure Ohioans’ hard work pays off – including cracking down on wage theft and guaranteeing paid sick days and family leave.

Sherrod is also fighting to raise the minimum wage and has introduced legislation to make sure workers have the advanced notice and training they deserve when companies adopt new technology that will affect their jobs.

Sherrod has also organized over 160 summer manufacturing camps across the state to give Ohio students and their parents the opportunity to learn about manufacturing and encourage our kids to build their futures in our state.

Sherrod fought to save the American auto industry, protecting nearly 800,000 Ohio jobs. Throughout his career, Sherrod fought bad trade deals that shipped jobs overseas and demanded auto industry leaders reinvest in American workers and bring their manufacturing lines back to the United States.

Now, Sherrod is making sure that the next generation of American made vehicles are built in Ohio, by Ohio workers, in good-paying union jobs. He successfully fought for Lordstown battery plant workers to be included in the national UAW contract to make sure they have the union benefits and are paid the wages they deserve. Sherrod also helped auto manufacturing facilities keep jobs in Ohio.