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Friends of Sherrod Brown Releases New “Visions of Ohio” Video

COLUMBUS, OH  – As Ohioans cast their ballots today in Ohio’s primary election, Friends of Sherrod Brown released a new video highlighting Sherrod’s fight for Ohioans and the Dignity of Work.

Martin Sheen: “The Dignity of Work is the idea that hard work should pay off for everyone – no matter who you are or where you live, or what kind of work you do. Whether you swipe a badge or punch a clock, whether you work for tips or earn a salary, whether you’re caring for an aging parent or raising children – your work has dignity.” 

Sherrod Brown: “This fight is about whose side you’re on. I’ll always be on the side of Ohioans. I spent my entire career fighting for the Dignity of Work. I won’t stop now. Join our campaign today.”