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Sherrod Brown Fights to Lower Prescription Drug Costs, Cap Price of Insulin for All Ohioans

CLEVELAND, OH  – Sherrod continued fighting this week to lower drug costs for all Ohioans. Sherrod wrote the legislation that lowered the cost of prescription drugs, including capping the cost of insulin at $35 for seniors on Medicare, that is expected to save Ohioans more than $150 million this year.

Read / watch what they’re saying below:

WFMJ: Sherrod Fights to Lower Cost of Insulin for All Americans

WFMJ“Two years ago, Senator Sherrod Brown helped pass a bill that cut the cost of insulin for older Ohioans. Now, he wants the medicine to be affordable for all ages.” 

Sherrod“We want to see that cap of $35 across the population because plenty of people are buying insulin that are not Medicare age yet.” 

WKBN: Sherrod Lowered Insulin Prices for Seniors on Medicare

WKBN“A law capped the price [of insulin] at $35 a month for those on Medicare. It went into effect 15 months ago. It’s helped the Heinzers, Ohioans, and people around the country… Senator Brown would like to see drug costs lowered on more medicines.” 

Tribune Chronicle: Sen. Brown wants to cap insulin costs
David Skolnick – April 2, 2024
  • After backing a bill that lowers the cost of insulin for those on Medicare to no more than $35 a vial, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown said he wants to cap the cost of the drug for everyone.
  • Brown added “Interest groups have far too much influence in this government.”
  • “After years of fighting against Big Pharma and the politicians who always do their lobbying, we took major steps to lower the cost of prescription drugs for Ohioans with Medicare,” Brown said. “It’s something I’ve been fighting for my whole career.”
  • “Ohioans shouldn’t have to pay more because of pure and simple corporate greed,” Brown said.
  • About 500,000 Ohioans will save more than $150 million this year on the purchase of insulin and when the program is fully implemented next year, Brown said about 680,000 Ohioans will save more than $300 million.
  • “I’m fighting to fully expand the cap for all Ohioans,” he said. “It’s a big victory (for) Medicare beneficiaries, their prescription drug prices for insulin is capped at $35. We will keep fighting until that’s available to everybody whether they’re Medicare age or not.”
  • “This has really helped us a lot,” Mike [Heinzer] said. “Now the insurance company pretty much covers everything with the lower price that was negotiated by the government.”
  • “It’s really difficult to work your whole life to retire and then once you retire, you have to rethink it all over again because of the cost of the drugs,” Kathleen [Heinzer] said.