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QUICK CLIP: Sherrod Brown Votes to Protect Access to Birth Control While Bernie Moreno Opposes Protections

COLUMBUS, OH – Yesterday, Senator Sherrod Brown voted in support of the Right to Contraception Act, which would ensure Ohio women can access birth control. Sherrod’s support for Ohio women’s reproductive rights stands in stark contrast with Bernie Moreno, who said he “doesn’t support” protecting access to contraceptives, opposed Issue 1 in November, which included birth control protections, and supports overturning the will of Ohioans by passing a national abortion ban.


Colleen Marshall, WCMH: “Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown was among the Democrats supporting the right to contraception and tonight pointed to it as having a possible impact on the Senate race in November.” 

Sherrod Brown: “While my opponent wants to overturn the will of Ohioans who voted to protect abortion rights and contraception access last year, I stand with Ohioans and will continue fighting to ensure Ohio women can access and make their own healthcare decisions.”  

Read more about Bernie Moreno’s record opposing birth control protections and supporting a national abortion ban that would overturn the will of Ohioans: 

  • Bernie Moreno: “I’m 100 percent pro-life with no exceptions.”
  • American Journal: Ohio senate candidate Bernie Moreno: “Absolute pro-life no exceptions.”

  • NBC: Ohio GOP Senate candidates pitch federal abortion bans even after voters protected reproductive rights

  • Moreno voted against Issue 1 last year in Ohio, which included protections for contraception access.

  • Columbus Dispatch: “Moreno doesn’t support the [Right to Contraception Act] going before senators today.”