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Senators Sherrod Brown, Jon Ossoff Kick Off Canvass Launch in Akron

AKRON, OH  – Today, Senators Sherrod Brown and Jon Ossoff kicked off a canvass launch in Akron. Senators Brown and Ossoff made brief remarks before volunteers knocked on doors to talk to local voters in Akron.

“Ohioans know I’ll work with anyone when it’s right for Ohioans and I’ll stand up to anyone who gets in the way,” said Senator Sherrod Brown. “I am grateful for the grassroots support behind my campaign and will continue fighting for Ohioans and the Dignity of Work while Bernie Moreno proves he only looks out for himself.”

“Sherrod is always focused on what’s best for Ohioans, and we’ve fought side by side to deliver for our states,” said Senator Jon Ossoff. “Ohioans have no greater advocate than Sherrod and I am honored to be here to support my colleague and friend Senator Sherrod Brown.”

Sherrod helped kick off today’s canvass as part of the “Organizing For Ohio,” coordinated campaign, a campaign of grassroots organizers and volunteers who will speak directly to voters across Ohio to help re-elect Sherrod and Democratic candidates up and down the ballot in 2024 – from statewide to local offices.

Ohioans interested in volunteering should sign up here. Photos are available for media use here and below.

Sherrod speaks with Ohioans in Akron. 

Sherrod and Jon Ossoff speak with Ohioans in Akron.

Sherrod and Jon Ossoff speak with the local CWA president Mark Derrig.