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On the Issues

Putting Ohio First

Growing up in Mansfield, Ohio, Sherrod saw firsthand how politicians and corporations lobbied for bad trade deals that shipped Ohio jobs overseas. That’s why he’s always stood up to his own party to oppose trade agreements that put Ohio workers at a disadvantage, like NAFTA. Sherrod opposed President Obama on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, worked with President Trump to renegotiate NAFTA, and worked with former Senator Rob Portman to secure the strongest-ever Buy America protections in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Sherrod is working to make sure foreign countries can’t cheat our trade laws and is pushing the Biden Administration to do more to stand up to the Chinese Communist government – which is threatening Ohio jobs in industries from steel to solar manufacturing.

Sherrod works with anybody to put Ohioans first and stands up to anyone who gets in the way. When Wall Street put Ohioans’ pensions at risk, most people in Washington wrote off the fight to save them as a lost cause. Sherrod refused to give up and saved the pensions of over 100,000 Ohio workers by passing the Butch Lewis Act

When Ohio veterans and their families told Sherrod how hard it was to get treatment for severe illnesses like cancer and lung disease tied to their exposure to highly toxic burn pits during their military service, Sherrod went to work, and passed the most comprehensive expansion of health care benefits for veterans who faced toxic exposure in our country’s history.

Sherrod also worked with Republicans to pass legislation tackling the fentanyl crisis at its source by imposing more powerful sanctions on illicit supply chains in China and Mexico. His bill was endorsed by law enforcement officers in Ohio and across the country – including the National Fraternal Order of Police president – because it will support their efforts and save lives.