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On the Issues

Standing up to special interests

Sherrod has always stood up to special interests to level the playing field for Ohioans. Whether it’s Big Pharma, Big Oil, or Big Banks, Sherrod is fighting back against the Wall Street, profit-at-all-costs business model to make sure hard work pays off for all Ohioans.

After Norfolk Southern’s greed and incompetence led to train derailments across Ohio – including the toxic train derailment in East Palestine – Sherrod partnered with Republicans to hold the rail lobby accountable and protect all Ohio communities from similar derailments.

When Silicon Valley banking executives cashed out after running their banks into the ground, Sherrod made sure Ohio banks, credit unions, and small businesses had the resources they needed to stay afloat. Now, Sherrod is working across the aisle to pass the strongest bank reform law since Dodd-Frank to hold CEOs and executives accountable for their misconduct and make sure big banks – not Ohioans – pay for their bad decisions.

Sherrod stood up to Big Pharma to finally allow Medicare to negotiate directly with drug companies to get the lowest costs for Ohio seniors and continues to fight to lower drug costs for all Ohioans. He also passed the first-ever law to increase taxes on stock buybacks – where executives reward themselves instead of investing in workers and innovation – to support the economy.